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About the Founder

I, the founder, Mark, am a man in long-term recovery from addiction and alcoholism that began at an early age.  Through countless attempts and various methods, I found lasting recovery on December 5th 2011 through the 12-steps.  Part of my journey was the need for sober living after inpatient treatment.  Though I had been through many inpatient treatment centers of varying lengths, the missing link proved to be putting all of the treatment in action in real life with the accountability of a recovery house.  


On January 20th 2019, my father Dan passed away.  Being a hard worker and smart with his earnings, he left my siblings and I some inheritance, which allowed me to start the DB House.  It is actually the reason for the name DB House-to memorialize my dad.  Though never suffering from addiction, he along with the rest of my family dealt with mine for years and I'm eternally grateful for their help.  Without them, I may not have made it.

I try to bring my recovery experience to everyone at DB House.  I go to meetings, do literature studies, and help guys connect to a fellowship in 12-step meetings.  My hope is that everyone that passes through DB House finds the solution of long-term recovery that I and millions of others have found.  There is a solution and we DO RECOVER!

Mark Bonanni


DB House







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