DB House

Sober Living

Located in Elmwood Park, NJ

DB House Sober Living is Bergen County, NJ's premier stand-alone recovery housing for adult men continuing their journey through early recovery from substance abuse.  Beautiful homes, a supportive environment, and a great location-see what we have to offer!



If you're struggling with Substance Abuse...

DB House sober living is a Class F licensed, 12 bed male sober living located in Elmwood Park, NJ. DB House is fully furnished with eight bedrooms and four bathrooms. Located near major highways, public transportation with plenty of work opportunities, and a huge recovery community.

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Community Environment

Surrounded by people working towards a sober life with sober feet

Peace and Serenity

Remove yourself from a toxic environment filled with associations of your past use

Self Discovery

Allowing yourself the separation required to learn about your disease

Structured Atmosphere

Accountability is one of the first things that allows us to build a new life